What Are The Scholarships Available For International Students in Canada?


February 6, 2022


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Canada is one of the most popular educational hubs for students with global ambitions. And that is why over 642,000 international students enroll across undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral-level programs in the country – every year. But these programs are not usually affordable! Scholarships are available to help cover some costs, but there’s no way around having at least some money set aside if you want an education from this gorgeous country.

Whether you are an international student studying in Canada, living and working, looking to learn in Canada, or living and working here after graduation there is a right scholarship program you can target based on your merits and needs. Scholarships provided by the government and universities can cover your tuition fees, while non-profit organizations also provide funds that cover living expenses.

The following are the three types of scholarship programs offered across this country:

  1. Canadian Government Scholarships: These are the scholarships offered by the federal government of Canada to attract students for visiting and studying in the country.
  2. Non-Government Scholarships: Offered by various non-profits, trusts, foundations, and organizations, these scholarships are given to the students pursuing a specific course that fits into the non-profit body’s larger subject matter to encourage participation and development in the said field.
  3. Institutional Scholarships: Offered by the universities or colleges in Canada to students pursuing education.

Government Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Here is a list of scholarships that the government of Canada offers to international students:

1. IDRC Research Awards

Award: Up to 15,000 CAD for travel and research support.

Eligibility: Students from developing countries who are enrolled in Master’s or Doctoral programs in Canadian universities..

2. Vanier Graduate Scholarships

Award: 50,000 CAD

Eligibility: The student must showcase  substantial research potential and notable leadership skills.

No. of Scholarships: 166 scholarships/year

Duration: 3 years

3. Canada-ASEAN SEED

Award: 10,000 CAD along with 5,000 for flight & 1600 weekly allowance

Eligibility: Mid-career professionals from ASEAN countries are eligible for the scholarship.

4. Partnership Grants by Social Science & Humanities Research Council in Canada

Award: 20,000 CAD

Eligibility: Ph.D. at an eligible Canadian University in a specific subject.

Duration: 4-7 years

5. Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Award: 40,000 CAD

Eligibility: Ph.D. students Ontario.

No. of Scholarships: 75 scholarships 

Duration: Renewable for 4 years

6. Canadian Studies Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Award: 2500 CAD/month along with airfare up to 10,000 CAD

Eligibility: Should have completed their doctoral thesis in the last 5 years before application, unemployed & length of stay is 1-3 months.

Non-Governmental Scholarships In Canada For International Students

Some popular non-governmental scholarships in Canada for international students are:

1. Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

Award: 60,000 CAD

Eligibility: Should be an international student pursuing a Doctoral program   at a Canadian university. 

No. of Scholarships: 15 scholarship

2. Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

Award: 1,500 CAD

Eligibility: Students pursuing animal research at the doctoral level at Universities in British Columbia or Quebec.

3. Canada Memorial Scholarship

Award: Covers tuition fee, travel cost, and accommodation expenses.

Eligibility: Students from the UK pursuing postgraduate education in Canada.

Institutional Scholarships In Canada For International Students

International students have several scholarship opportunities available from top universities in Canada such as University of Toronto, McGill University, and Vancouver. Other institutions also offer financial aid to those who qualify for it on meritorious grounds. 

1. University of Calgary International Scholarships

Award: 500 to 60,000 CAD

Eligibility: Offered to international graduate students

Institute: University of Calgary 

2. UBC International Leader for Tomorrow Award

Award: Varies

Eligibility: International students applying for their first undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia. . 

Institute: University of British Columbia

3. Western University International President’s Entrance Scholarship

Award: 50,000 CAD

Eligibility: The award is based on an applicant’s academic background and extracurricular profile. Institute: Western University

4. University of Manitoba Scholarships

Award: 5,000 CAD to 14,000 CAD

Eligibility: Various international scholarships for Master’s program students

Institute: University of Manitoba

5. Quest University International Scholarships

Award: 2000-8000 CAD

Eligibility: Enrolled in a BA in Science or a BSc program

Institute: Quest University

4. York University Automatic Entrance Scholarship

Award: 1000 to 4,000 CAD

Eligibility: Aggregate scores of 80-95% in the most recent university qualification are required 

Institute: York University

5. Lester B. Peterson Scholarship

Award: Covers the tuition fees

Eligibility: Offered to international undergraduate students at the University of Toronto 

Institute: University of Toronto

6. SFU Financial Aids and Awards

Award: Varies

Eligibility: Offered to international students at the Simon Fraser University 

Institute: Simon Fraser University

Is This All?

Definitely not. These are some of the best scholarships international students can get in Canada. But these aren’t the only ones. There are a ton of scholarships available for international students to target. If you cannot get any of these, look for other alternatives. So keep an eye out for these scholarships and keep track of those you apply to.

Suggestions on Applying for a Scholarship in Canada

  • Before you apply, conduct  thorough research on the scholarship’s deadline, requirements, and disbursable awards.
  • Make sure you meet the essential eligibility criteria.
  • Keep the required copies of all the essential documents handy at all times during and after the application process..
  • Prepare for the exam & interviews necessary for the scholarship .
  • Track the changes in the scholarship program, especially the deadlines and changes in government regulations.

What if You Don’t Get a Scholarship?

Most scholarship programs are on the radar of competitive students in large numbers while the intake or spots on the scholarship program are limited. Hence, by design, you might not convert all or any of the scholarship programs on your watchlist. But that is not the end of your Canadian academic journey. You can apply for co-ops, judiciously use the allowed working hours on your study permit, and apply for student loan. 

While getting a scholarship will make things much easier for you, not getting one should not be an obstacle between your dream of studying in Canada and you. 

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Submit your application today and get ready to study in Canada!


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